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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 16, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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at 12:00 noon go to the web page now for after hours nts. for matt and kmele, i am kennedy. good night. . lou: the obama white house required days to finally ruled out any military cooperation between the united states and i brilliant they will try have a political partnership with ibm though white house will begin a direct dialogue how to play a constructive role to support the leaky led government secretary of state john kerry caused in uproar when he said united states could forum a military alliance with ibm. >> we are open to shoot discussions as something
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could be from iran to respect the sovereignty or the ability of the government to reform that i would not rule out anything that is destructive to providing real stability. lou: the pentagon a hint of the warehouse corrected carry that any talks would focus on the politics on the ground known as the islamic states of iraq has taken a third major city just 100 miles from the syrian border with a population of 200,000 members of the groups are posting dozens upon dozens and united states is showing assets into their region. including the george bush
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carrier and the destroyer had been repositioned off the coast of iraq. 500 marines have been moved to help evacuate americans if needed. another to a wooded 75 troops have been set to provide security the largest of the sea in the world. john kirby told the evacuation and that's it provides additional options for those who do choose to use them in the evacuation of 1,000 among some of 1,000 are moved out. we will take this up big moments to talk with a former ambassador to iraq. also retired four-star general with his analysis of the military options available to the president and the latest aggression by
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russia. and the irs claims they lost more than two years of emails from lois lerner and they have conveniently let that leaked out on a friday night. the "a team" will take up that issue and where in their opinion those emails rest. july to one -- 2007 george to be bush warned if unit is states withdrew prematurely our troops would have to return. >> it means we would risk mass killings on a horrific scale. we allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven to replace the one they lost in afghanistan. increasing the probability american troops would have to return to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous. >> our first guest says united states needs to be
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active including air strikes. christopher hill is now the dean of the school of international studies at the university of denver. >> i would like to start that u.s.-made missiles have fallen into the hands of the of isil. >> first of all isil comes from syria that is about as messy as iraq. if this report is true it would not surprise me there is a lot of weaponry and armament and by the way people pay cash for that. it would not surprise me at all if that report were true lou: the teeeighteen has a lot of cash estimated
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$500 billion after ransacking the central bank. embassadors secretary kerry corrected by the white house to talk about the prospects for the possibility of the military operative alliance with iran. with the of government of iraq. is that a wise idea? >> it is day bridge too far. which does not make me comfortable but talking on this basis with the iranian government. i want us to be active if we can have a political dialogue we have had one before with their support
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for terrorism. however iraq is tough. there is a bad iran into an even worse iran what they have done to support radical shiite militia in the rockets that fell on the green zone and writes in my front yard and one ks came from these militia groups courtesy of iranian. this is a big step but we have a strategic interest to make sure hour rand is not divided into sunni sections but we also have a strategic interest that maliki is part of the problem and not the solution. >> there seems to be more than an adequate amount of
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what to do that there has not then a clear path articulated. but it's moving at 275 troops into that in busy that is a huge and busy it additional 275 special forces are amongst them. that is an establishment to defend against with the embassy. >> that amount -- the main compound is 100 acres and is tough to defend with the very flat area of baghdad even on a good day you have the rocket fire. but i suspect what is happening we have the option
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if we have to remove people to of the engine that benghazi we have the capacity to do so. what use the today is to increase the options for the president to choose. lou: are you surprised they have not had that before now? to be available for him until now? >> they take a couple of days to get set. we're probably in good shape with those but the big surprises that the teeeighteen could move with such alacrity across northwest iraq. it is like a knife through butter. that took people by surprise we spend billions of dollars
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to trade up that iraqi army and it goes to show that are being people is hardly the issue but if they are properly led a and motivated and clearly that has not been well lead your motivated. >> talk about the lessons of recent history and that was not learned by our intelligence community to of the military then what in the heck would it take to get adequate instruction. talk about billions of dollars we have not seen this administration that has california single thank with foreign policy with adequate intelligence libya, syria, a benghazi, egypt, frankly intelligence as part of this administration is a better
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joke. what in those world would give comfort to even if given a range of options based on anything approximating reality? >> in that part of the world's intelligence is an art not a science. we can analyze people's movement and it is the of big failure. >> in to apparently continue to be so. think you for your insight. republicans slammed the irs over one of the most shameless friday night news don't ever when the irs claim to it had lost more than two years of emails
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blogging touche the nobleman at the head or the focus of the scandal, lois lerner the irs has the temerity to blame a computer crash or a mishap that but i doubt the emails from 2009 through 2011. but congressman dave camp says that is unacceptable only now learning about the problem one year into the investigation and it is very likely the irs will be very embarrassed to find the cpu is not where the e-mail me sides to begin with. and joe biden has a growing crisis in the southern border now in brazil for though world cup heads to guatemala on friday to address the flood of 60,000
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immigrant children crossing our border and there will be but the presidents of water mollah, honduras and el salvador the principal nations of origin for these children immigrants, and accompanied children and senior administration officials say biden will make it clear that they should not be deported although the present is looking how to ease the of policies. the crisis reaches the tipping point that even democrats are issuing warnings to provide fox news with these images of to u.s. border patrol facilities in texas where illegal immigrants are giving agents rehearsed excuses that king violence led them to flee which brings into fleeing refugees status saying if we shall send a message they cannot just come in and stay
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kennedy:. >> coming up in moments ited stas conversations over iraq, with another blow to ukraine we will talk about that with the military options being presented to president obama. in taking the fifth amendment in front of congress now the centerpiece of the irs investigation by congress in tea nine growing
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lack of credibility with the truth is next. minority leader mitch mcconnell bay field nervous about his senate race with his endorsements by the labor unions. the campaign an ounce to eastern kentucky labor unions will back him despite the national right to work legislation according to real clear politics he does as 1.five lead over his opponent. the rnc chairman prince previous downplaying their primary loss saying republicans are not divided out of. my next guest warrant the race could create considerable ill will as kevin mccarthy set themselves up to battle for the job. joining me now tom delay.
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good to have you with us. do with what reince priebus seems to do you were not divided at all. [laughter] >> is searching for its sole. it is worthwhile and did good things that is happening in the republican party as i travel from the country more people energized and motivated. that is good for a party. >> i heard exactly the same thing in 2012. you have to show me this time. >> i did not say that in
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2012. >> i want to return for the sub brat victory ioc has the tea party candidates actually he tried to align himself with the tea party more than braddish. [laughter] what do you make of it? >> the whole awful science is this is exactly what is going on in the country that has been elevated. people keep in see it for what it is. to come together to look for a candidate that is the man or woman of faith to have a of revolution for the constitution to stop obama baking for leadership. lou: don't they want to the
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republican party to be more of a representative of the chamber of commerce? >> that is what i am talking about. of the free market, equality and justice and freedom all of that brings jobs that builds the economy that is what day talk about. >> what is the last thing what did the chamber of commerce to? they got around to give you direct orders. those that pay higher taxes i would like to hear what you would do. >> first and foremost, cut taxes. and cut them substantially. you give us the house and
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the senate in the president to go after the epa to start defund the epa. lou: don't you have that thing to give them a big hug and a small businessman or woman this is what we do for you? >> he put love to have a constitutional government, lower tax is a of less regulation. they know everything that obama is doing especially with executive orders is pouring cold water on this economy. lou: musec exactly the same thing in 2012 and got your tails kicked. lou: yes. you did. >> no known out. lou: talk about epa epa, regulation, reducing
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the level of taxation. smaller government. by the way i am for all of those but. >> we got our tails kicked by a an incredible coalition put together over the last 50 years and the most amazing, let me finish let me make my point. lou: i was not talking about that but the fact that you were whipped with the same message. >> i'm sorry it wasn't. it was not a message of constitutionality or equality, no it wasn't. our candidate was not talking about the constitution and had not framed obama to the leftist that he is. lou: you tell me the people
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of this country did not know that president barack obama was a leftist in 2012? you don't have to frame fact >> are we talking about and a lecturer in the last couple of rehash the next 10 minutes? lou: i was referring to your direction so how do you beat him this time and take control of the senate? >> by actually what is happening down there with great strong leaders coming from nowhere running for office to been nominated across the country against the senate seats in play and greats canada is against those people and the message is as i said before back in the public square constitutional government fewer taxes and a stop
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obama. and leadership. lou: faith and family and freedom are compelling but i would like to hear of more direct connection with the small business folks. >> sit down with dave practice and he connected the most amazing way. lou: that is one. there is a lot of them out there. is amazing what is happening out there. >> i am delighted you have joined as. good touche talk with you. >> do believe obama is capable to lead the free world of russia and china?
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ninety-eight% i am so proud of this audience. consensus is built. vote tonight does the president of irresponsibility to evacuate personnel fromraq? cast your vote and we will have the quotation of the evening. write-down of battle of the sequels up the box office. 22 jump street first place as $60 billion. how to trade your dry again to second place. 50 million and maleficent came in third with 19 million. we will be right back
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president obama has denied returned to washington after spending the weekend in southern california playing a little golf and more than a little politics. now, i happen to be one of those who believes a president is entitled to as many rounds of golf as he wants, but this president is now contending with some extraordinary optics and challenges that are not helpful to him nor the effectiveness of his or our national image. yes, i worry about such things and believe the president should as well. my worries, my concerns with -- would be less and fewer of our president was not mired in foreign policy failure after failure. the president, his national security team have been wrong. let's be clear, wrong, utterly wrong in libya, egypt, syria, profoundly wrong about the strength and the presence of terrorists and unreleased and the world.
10:30 pm
our president is now faced with great decisions of state and life or death decisions for our men and women in uniform. as the islamic state of iraq began their siege of baghdad the nation should be watching our president working, working closely and constantly with his national security team, with congress on issues that confront us all. the president's 4-day weekend in palm springs and his partisan speech make in congress then mentions for a president who says he wants to succeed. instead mr. obama seems to want to play while others work. the deal with crisis after crisis of the president's own making. four years ago iraq was going so well that vice president biden confidently declared that iraq could be one of the great achievements of the obama administration. now radical islamists are
10:31 pm
overrunning iraq, taking into vantage of the power vacuum that president obama insisted would be the outcome after so much american sacrifice, almost five times the number of troops killed in more than $2 trillion spent. and let me be clear, i believe that our elections always come up with the right result and that the voters were right when they elected a president who promised and the iraqi work safely and responsibly. while we did the right thing in electing mr. obama, he has not done right by us, our troops, or the nation. his is now a record of foreign policy failure, not success, and that calls for some humility and hard work. it means working harder to achieve the success that has eluded him to this point. there is nothing acceptable about another foreign policy failure by this white house, absolutely nothing. we are coming right back.
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♪ lou: joining us now, retired four-star army general, former army vice chief of staff, general keane, also fox news military analyst. good to have you with us. the president looking at a number of options. i understand from a reliable source that the white house called you, contacted you to get some perspective. is that correct? >> yes. much to my surprise, that did happen. a pretty excessive conversation saturday night with a high official. obviously i cannot reveal his name or talk about the content, but you can imagine it was iraq
10:36 pm
and the way ahead from my perspective. that was kind of what we were dealing with. lou: the president now facing -- and we understand and respect the privacy of the conversation. for many of us it is good to hear that the administration is reaching out to talk with you. this administration working on the options year. are there good options for this president right now, for the united states at this stage in baghdad and iraq? >> i definitely think so. i mean, this is not a hopeless situation. what has happened is actually reversible, but we have to be determined about it. there are some things that we should do. he is right about the political situation that has to change. a new government has to come, but that will take time. and i think general patraeus could help orchestrate that, but
10:37 pm
i think to gain leverage over the iraqi government we do have to provide some military assistance. they have officially requested it. i do think there are things that we could lay out that would actually be of significant assistance to the iraq military, it
10:38 pm
i am convinced we could put manned and unmanned air power in to assist with the defense, take targets down in syria and deep into iraq. lou: let me ask you a couple of questions. i think the erica people are frustrated with the losses, the more than $2 million we spent. frankly, if we go back again do we start to see the united states then take back some of those oilfields? the second largest oil producer in opec. is this just another one of those we are going to help you
10:39 pm
because we are good guys kind of thing that has led us on a trail of folly but now spans 13 years across afghanistan and iraq. are we going to talk about a real mature, responsible national policy that says, when we put the blood and treasure up, by god, there will be a national interest and a payout? >> well, if we did not and, you know, they're able to succeed, you know what is going to happen. oil prices will spike considerably. a prelude to some kind of recession. for the life of me, i do not know how we could leave a sanctuary and safe haven for radical islamists that have been established deep into syria and iraq and what that would mean for the middle east in terms of the stability. lou: we are talking about a different result here. what we watched transpire. what you are saying is, there is
10:40 pm
acknowledgment by our national leaders, civilian leaders and military that, by god, if we commit troops, technology, and our air capability to this fight and our intelligence capability that we are going to tear the place of as necessary to destroy the isil and al qaeda. no more half measures and fools games and are willing to take control of what we fight for. is that correct? >> no, i do not think so. we will not take conol of iraqi oil. lou: we are going to be hostage, general. we are going to be hostage again. at some point we have to say to ourselves, we will not be held hostage by asymmetrical warriors. we are not going to be held hostage by a blood lust that is based on centuries-old
10:41 pm
philosophical religious differences in the region. >> i don't know of a single place, lou, where the united states has used military power where we have taken treasure from that power in terms of landor resources. lou: iraq 1991. >> yes. lou: that is where we took treasure. $56 billion that we million men, as you well know, in there to rescue the kuwaitis from saddam hussein's. but we were paid back. >> we were paid back for the -- yak, sure. for that operation. i understand that. lou: should we not expect that? should we not have that kind of discussion here? >> well, in terms of financial payback for conducting military operations, i have no problem with that. lou: the cost of that military operation, 56 billion.
10:42 pm
we start out with over $2 trillion in all. >> i understand that, but this is -- we are talking here the national security of the american people, and europeans as well as the middle east. that is what is at risk. lou: general -- >> if we let the iraqis and their ineptitude drive us here to a total frustration where we walk away and say this is helpless, that would be irresponsible. lou: i could not agree more, but also if we permit ourselves to be beguiled by a european union that has absolutely zero interest in getting involved in this conflict, putting up its men and women in uniform in harm's way for this purpose, which i think you are entirely correct, we would be held hostage, we need to change the direction of the discussion, it seems to me, and the strategies we employ and acknowledge that we have screwed up and what we could get right.
10:43 pm
>> well, i am all for that. we have made serious mistakes here, but today the administration has not vetted any of those mistakes going back to 2011. i do not believe that europeans will step up here. they do not have the will for it. they will pay the price eventually, but the fact of the matter is the united states, i believe, has got to leave here, and if we don't we will pay the price for it. lou: i appreciate the talk with you. >> thank you, sir. good talking to you. lou: now the quotation of the evening. as oil prices soared to 9-month highs as the general was implying. this is from oil magnate t. boone pickens. we have the solution in north america if we just had the leaders in washington to step up and say, let's make a deal. you pull iraq out of the market and you are looking at 150 to $200 oil.
10:44 pm
and that is the deal. we are coming right back. ♪ lou: the internal revenue service scandal entered a new phrase friday night. the "a-team" on why the irs has just learned they lost two years of e-m i'm randy and i quit smoking with chantix. for 33 years i chose to keep smoking... ...because it was easier to smoke than it was to quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some could be life threatening.
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lou: do you think that this is something the united states should be involved in now, our troops, our military? >> well, it is going to be now or some point in the future. this is unavoidable. it is clear that what happens in
10:48 pm
the middle east, what happens in afghanistan matters. so we were blissfully ignorant, and this is something -- lou: so you tell me, if you will -- i am sorry to interrupt because we are limited on time. >> of course. lou: what have we learned? we are not going to destroy those forces that have been against us. some estimate the iranians are responsible for one-third of american casualties in iraq. doing business with iran sends shudders up the spine of america >> you know, that was to get behind something that was already happening. iran has said a close relationship with the iraqi government and have been involved in fuelling the sectarian violence. what we have to do is, in fact, we have the capability of, in fact, killing the enemy which is a concept that has gone out the window these days. if we are going to do it we have
10:49 pm
to go in completely. about 20,000 fighters. we are sending in 275 extra marines. we cannot do it this way, but we must do it in a stronger way. >> look, we cannot fight the war for him. he has got to step down. lou: cannot argue with you on that. >> iran is the problem and their entries in an intervention in iraq and the fact that this country has been so spineless in its dealings, and going after a country that is responsible for the deaths of our troops. >> i agree with you. the enemy of the enemy is not our friend. however, right now what we have to do is make sure we don't alienate the entire muslim world the reason they're winning -- these are guerrilla fighters who are badly trained. the reason they're winning is that the population is not standing with the iraqi government's.
10:50 pm
we do not want to be drawn into a civil war again that we are going to lose. lou: what should president obama do? >> first of all, he should be quiet and quietly make sure that we will help the iraq only if they agree to step down. lou: with iran for crying out loud. >> they are only part -- only have access to part of the country. lou: you get the last word. very quickly. >> look. i mean, we know the situation is. we know what the history has been. at the same time there are huge american interests at stake. as $700 billion embassy, thousands of americans. if we don't deal with it now, we will have to deal with that eventually. lou: thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. lou: next, a fox business very own liz macdonald will join us own liz macdonald will join us about her captivating new when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy.
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>> of 15th century. lou: everybody. it is revving. >> a gripping humanity. i'm calling air for the first time. the patron saint of gossip.
10:55 pm
there isn't one in the catholic church. she openly talked about the bible. a law, death penalty. burning people at the stake for heresy, and she preached and talked about the gospel and bible and was repeatedly seized and arrested. lou: i will turn from that to another heresy, the very idea that oil prices would go above $110 a barrel again. you know, we have been discussing boned pickens, 150-$200 a barrel given all that is happening in iraq and the middle east. your thoughts? >> they're is a fear of that. they are pretty -- not complacent. the essentially saying, no panic yet in the market. if oral its 115, you are talking four or $5 gas. extremists take the southern region where three-quarters of the supply is, that is a problem what they're talking about is since the arabs bring in 2011,
10:56 pm
what happened since then is the u.s., of course, shale gas production, oil gas production production -- and the canadian tar sands came on line replacing the lost output overseas. lou: to put a point on it, we are talking about if we see this president make a mistake here, if we watch the europeans remain indifferent in battle here in their own interest, we could watch the oil market turned upside down. that fragility will be amplified by orders of magnitude. you simply cannot have people stand in and sit on their hands as we are watching this kind of mess on fold. >> we are five years into a shaky, fragile recovery. it easily -- you know, the talk on wall street, what is kryptonite to wall street is inflation, but really what hurts the consumer is gas price hikes.
10:57 pm
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>> >> forget about the i iraqis fleeing in surges over their luck at the u.s. companies overseer. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. add medical device maker to the list of american firms thumbing their nose and a uncle sam and senator says he is shocked that this is happening but as you keep piling on this is the reason it is happening but this is just the latest from liberty global more america


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